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Support Rooted
in Love, Respect, Compassion, & Fun!

We grow where we're planted,

in nurturing environments we thrive.

Pandora Services Logo on a white background. A person who is thriving. Hands are raised making a shape of a tree & happy leaves surrounding the person.

"Embracing everyone's
unique qualities, offering resources & support where needed,
and empowering self-reliance."



Our Services

Discover our wide range of Programs & Services offered in a

one-on-one or group setting. Designed to empower lives, nurture independence, and grow meaningful connections within our communities. 

Above Image: An individual playing the guitar, while the other individual who is her Support Worker is enjoying listening to the music. 

Below is another support worker assisting an individual in a wheelchair with his meal & beside them is a beautiful little tree with a heart on the base. These people are surrounded by nice airy clouds.

Supported Living
& Outreach

Embrace independent living with
a side of extra support! Get assistance where you live and beyond. We're not just support; we're your partners in adventure, helping you live life to the fullest, every step of the way!

9 diverse individuals all displaying their different range of talents from photography, to playing musical instruments, reading, crafting, gardening & more.

Life Skills &
Skill Development

Unleash your potential and dive into a world of learning, where we help you build the skills you need for life

& work. With some fun & creativity, we can discover the amazing things you can achieve. Let's uncover these skills together!

3 people geared up & outdoors ready to go on a hike.


We're all about group activities, local partnerships, & building a community where everyone belongs. From social events to collaborative projects, it's time to make connections & create awesome memories. 

A nice neighbourhood, where a support worker is getting out of his vehicle to greet the individual who is standing outside his home.

Home Based

Where comfort meets care! Enjoy support right where you feel most at ease. From cozy home environments  where we come to you, or if its  remote assistance, we've got your back. Because when it comes to support, there's no place like home!

3 individuals displaying tasks as a home maker. 1 female is cleaning the surface of a bookshelf, another shows a male helping take out the garbage, & lastly another female is assisting cooking a meal.


Be welcomed by a clean home & meals that nourish! It's all about creating a comfy haven for you. From tidying up to cooking up a storm, we're your domestic superheroes. Because everyone deserves a home that feels just right!

Various examples of respite care. 
1. Bedside care
2. Assisting someone in a wheelchair
3. Support Worker helping with the Laundry


We're here to give you some well-deserved time off. Whether it's a short escape or a breather for caregivers, we've got the perfect respite solution. Relax, recharge, and let us handle the rest. Because everyone deserves a little break from the hustle!

Personalized Supports Initiatives

Image of a clipboard that shows a checklist of items with a badge beside it that says "Made for You".  This shows how Personalized Supports Initiatives looks to customize your care.

Welcome to the world of tailor-made care! Our Personalized Supports Initiatives offer you a customized package that's all about YOU. Whether it's supported living, skill development, or a bit of everything, we've got the perfect blend to suit your unique needs. Your journey to customized support starts here!

Home Sharing

Image of a family in front of their home greeting the individual who they are welcoming into their home under the home share program.

Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to homes!

We connect awesome people looking to share their lives

& their homes. Enjoy companionship, share costs, and create lasting friendships. Home is where the heart is, and we aim to find you a place where you
can feel at home.


Growing our family of Support Warriors

We are on the lookout for awesome human beings who are all about bringing in good energy and making a real difference in our community. If you're someone who's genuinely caring, loves to learn, grow, and is all in for serving others, we want you on our team!
Let's chat and see where your passion meets our mission!

#JoinUs #CommunityHeroes #PandoraSupportWarriors

Our Hiring Process 


Do you align with these Values?


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Essential Qualifications


  • Up-to-date First Aid + CPR Level C
  • Class 5 Driver's License
  • Criminal Record Check




Submit your information below and our Hiring Manager will connect with you.

Apply here.


I thrive on connecting with & supporting people.

Compassion fuels my desire to help others.

I create judgment-free, safe spaces for open expression.

Adaptability is my strength in various situations.

I'm committed to empowering positive change in our community.

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Pandora's Purpose: 
Acceptance & Connection
Respect & Compassion
Safety & Support
Growth & Development

Welcome to the family.

A group of diverse individuals in a display of inclusivity.
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