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Health & Safety

At Pandora Services, we are deeply committed to prioritizing and ensuring the highest standards of health and safety for all individuals within our care. We recognize that a safe and healthy work environment is paramount to the well-being of our employees, clients, and the communities we serve.

Health & Safety checkmark in a crest above a lady with dark hair holding a heart with a plus sign symbolizing safety.



Pandora Services has implemented a Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee to ensure the well-being of our team. This initiative brings together management and employees to identify, assess, and address workplace hazards collaboratively. Through regular risk assessments, training, and incident reporting, we aim to foster a culture of safety and empower everyone to contribute to a safer work environment. We aim to prioritizing the health and safety of our employees for a more productive and satisfying workplace.

Links to Meeting Minutes can be found by accessing your Humi account under:

Documents > Shared Documents > Health & Safety > JOHS Committee Meeting Mintues

WorkSafeBC is an organization dedicated to promoting workplace health and safety and providing compensation and support to workers who are injured on the job. Here's an overview of what WorkSafeBC does:

  • Regulation and Enforcement: Sets and enforces safety standards.

  • Education and Training: Provides resources and training for safety awareness.

  • Injury Prevention: Conducts research and initiatives to prevent workplace injuries.

  • Claims Management: Manages workers' compensation for injured workers.

  • Return-to-Work Programs: Facilitates safe return to work after injury.

  • Dispute Resolution: Resolves disputes related to compensation claims.


SafeCare BC is a leading organization dedicated to advancing safety and care in the continuing care. Committed to supporting healthcare providers, SafeCare BC offers education, resources, and training programs aimed at enhancing workplace safety and the quality of care provided to vulnerable populations. By fostering collaboration and innovation, SafeCare BC strives to create a safer and more compassionate environment for both workers and those they serve. Join us in our mission to promote excellence in care and well-being for all.

For additional support tools on the job see the:

Safe Care BC Home Care & Community Health Support Pocketbook

The Community Social Services Health & Safety Association of BC (CSHSA) is a BC-based organization focused on promoting health and safety in the community social services sector. They offer training, resources, consultation, and advocacy to help employers and workers create safe workplaces and comply with regulations.


CLBC defines “critical incidents” as serious or unusual events that involve an individual accessing CLBC-funded services that occur while service is being delivered (this includes staffed living and shared living at all times). Unlike other incidents that occur during service delivery, service providers must report critical incidents to CLBC.

When To Report to CLBC:

  • For urgent critical incidents that result in serious harm to an individual and/or require immediate action by CLBC or others:

    • Call CLBC immediately; and

    • Submit, by fax or email the critical incident report within 24 hours to the local CLBC office responsible for their contract, 

  • ​For non-urgent critical incidents that do not result in serious harm or require immediate action by CLBC or others, you are required to submit the report within 5 working days to the local CLBC office responsible for their contract.

How to Report:

  • Submissions via email must be sent to both the CLBC liaison analyst and the general mailbox for the local CLBC office (if applicable), and CC: as well, and your manager.

To access & download the form, click here: Critical Incident Report



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